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Why Volunteer?

We provide orientation and offer on-going training opportunities, flexible time commitments and numerous opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and get involved in your community.

Join us as we explore possibilities to create inclusive communities for people who have an intellectual or physical barrier.


  • Spend time with a person and connect them to the community

  • Share a skill or talent with a person or a small group

  • Make it possible for someone to experience new things

  • Share time and interests with someone

  • Lead fitness classes

  • One-On-One with Personal Support

  • Help with fundraising events

  • Provide transportation to events, programs, recreational activities and appointments


Volunteers increase the level of support and range of activities we are able to facilitate.  If you’re seeking to help out in the community or to accumulate school volunteer hours, we have opportunities available


Contributing financially to our agency directly benefits our supported individuals by supplementing the cost of service and upgrading equipment.


Our large meeting space can comfortably seat up to 100 people.  Rental fees include table and chair setup to your specification.  For an additional fee, our fully renovated kitchen facilities can be utilized for your event.

We Need Your Support


Volunteers are the bridge between the community and the services that we provide.  Because of the involvement of volunteers, our organization can continually increase the supports to the people who need our services.  We make every effort to provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for our volunteers.


Jan R.

Do you have an ability that brings you joy?  Is there a way to bring that joy to the residents of PLGB, by volunteering?    Is it music, movement, stories, beauty treatments, pets, plants, reading?   Please share that joy!  We are a caring community, encouraging each other on our life's journey.  You are welcome to join us. Everyone has a story to tell, a need for human interaction, a gift to share with the world.  My friends at the Lodge are the BEST! Open your heart.  Care about others.  Share what you have, so we all will be richer.   Get to know a resident or all the residents at PLGB.  They have a richness to share.


When I volunteer,  I have fun!  Everyone at the Lodge is unique, and I am made richer by knowing them.

Bronwen H.

I started volunteering in the rec department at Participation Lodge when I was a student in the DSW program at Cambrian college. My role was mainly shadowing the staff on trips and outings, pitching in wherever I was needed, and offering one on one supports. On special occasions I was invited to assist with decorating, carving pumpkins, and making banners alongside the residents.


I found exactly the real world, on the job, experience I was looking for, thanks to patient staff who were willing to teach, and residents who happily let me hang out, or tag along. Participation Lodge gave me my first real look at person-centered care, along with a ton of fun times and memories to take on my way! If you have some hours to spare, I promise you won’t regret offering them to the residents and staff of Participation Lodge. I gained more than I gave, and Sandy and Veronica remain my role models today!

Jackie P.

I was a volunteer at PLGB for a number of years and loved every minute of it. The residents will help you forget your problems, every time you enter the doors.

You will attend events that you might not otherwise go to. i.e. Blue Jays games, Stars on Ice with seats on the ice, RCMP ride, Santa Claus parades, Scarecrow parades, Pumpkin Fest and on and on. You will share the thrills with the residents and watch their enthusiasm when the Owen Sound Attack score a goal - or better still, win the game! Then there are the quiet times when you just sit with a resident and watch a movie, or not say a word but just hold their hand, or colour with them. Of course, there is always the shopping days, and you'd better have your running shoes on.

Helping with theme parties such as Hallowe'en, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Canada Day. If, by giving a few hours of your time a week, or a month, to help add happiness to the residents of the Lodge, would you please consider being a volunteer? It is a job like no other.

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