• Medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for the care of the individual, including the prevention or care of skin disorders, continence care, infection control and sterile procedures
  • Medical devices such as catheters and colostomy and ileostomy devices
  • Equipment for the general use of the clients. Shower chairs, commode chairs
  • Meal service and meals, including three meals daily, snacks between meals and at bedtime, special and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and devices enabling clients to feed themselves.
  • Social, recreational and physical activities and programs, including related supplies, equipment and staff.
  • Laundry, including labeling, machine washing and drying of personal clothes
  • Bedding and linen, including firm comfortable mattresses with waterproof covers, pillows, bed linen, washcloths and towels
  • Bedroom furnishings such as beds, adjustable bedrails, bedside tables, comfortable easy chairs and where a client is confined to bed, a bed with an adjustable head and foot. Clients can bring their own furnishings if safe and in good repair. 
  • Standard accommodation. Private and Semi –private
  • Cleaning and upkeep of accommodations

Services client’s will be financially responsible for:

  • hair dressing / barbering
  • dry cleaning
  • telephone service in the client’s room
  • purchase of liquor
  • internet service
  • supplies and equipment for personal hygiene and grooming (i.e. skin care lotions, powder, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, denture cleaners and cups, razors, feminine hygiene products etc.)
  • financial services ( banking, tax returns, etc)
  • transportation services (except day to day activities while at the Lodge) 
  • purchase of  cable or satellite services
  • specialized, customized equipment, wheel chairs etc that are only for that individuals use


Clients of long-term care facilities are expected to pay the basic accommodation charge. The following is a list of the basic services that individuals can expect to receive without additional charge, other than the charge for basic accommodation:

  • Nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis, including care given by or under the supervision of a registered nurse or registered practical nurse
  • Administration of medication
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Medical care that is available in the facility

Note: Clients must have their personal physician provide care to them in the facility. These physicians will be expected to meet the standards and criteria for attending physicians.


When an individual is notified of acceptance into the program, the individual will have until noon on the third day after the day of notification to accept or decline the offer of admission. After that time the offer will be extended to the next eligible candidate.

Acceptance of Position

Eligibility is based on the needs, desired outcomes of the individual and the ability of Participation Lodge to meet the needs of the individual.  Serious attention is also given to the appropriateness of clients effect on existing clients in the program.

Not all applicants submitting an application will be eligible for admission to the program.

Client’s being considered for acceptance to the program will undergo an intake interview utilizing the Personal Outcomes approach. Ability to meet the needs of the individual will be considered after gathering personal and medical information in the interview process.

Clients accepted into the program will be required to have a full medical review and sign a release of information, releasing all medical information to Participation Lodge.

  • All immunizations must be up to date.
  • A full medication review will be done upon admission.
  • A service agreement will be signed prior to first day of admission
  • An individual service plan and personal care plan will be completed prior to admission.

Program Overview

Residential Care