Attendant Services provides Homemaking and Personal Support Services to people over 16 years of age, with permanent  disabilities who require assistance with the activities of daily living and to carry out tasks they cannot physically do for themselves.

  • Individuals receiving supports direct their own care.  Directing their own care is the ability to identify needs, understand the steps/procedures necessary for accomplishing the task and communicating effectively to the Attendant.  A cognitive or emotional limitation must not interfere with the individual’s ability to function within the Attendant Care Program.
  • Individuals must be able to be left alone safely in their own living area when attendant care is not being provided.
  • Individuals receiving support shall be responsible for their own budgeting and money management.
  • Individuals receiving support shall be able to independently manage their own medication and medical needs. All individuals coming into the program must be medically stable.
  • All individuals must have their source of income clarified prior to admission to the apartment program.  Participation Lodge is not the Landlord. Apartment rents are geared to income and the lease for tenancy cannot be finalized without confirmation of income

Admission Policy
All potential clients must fill out an application and submit it for review.  The same process is followed as applications to the Holland Centre site.  Applicants are placed on a waiting list.  Admission to the program is not based on chronological order, but rather on the individual’s needs and Participation Lodge’s ability to meet those needs.

For further information contact:
St. Francis Place: 350 10th Street, East, Unit 611, Owen Sound, Ontario  N4K  6P8
Phone: 519-371-4024

St. Mathew's Manor: 307 11th Avenue, Unit 216, Hanover, Ontario N4N  3T3
Phone: 519-364-7741

Eligibility Criteria